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We regret that we will not be running any of our Open competitions this year but look forward to welcoming everyone next year, hopefully to a full fixutre of Opens.

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OPEN RESULTS Competition

Ladies Open Greensomes
Sunday 22nd September 2019, Red Tees, Championship Course

Results Score  
1st Carol Dalgleish (Melrose Golf Club) & Mary Turnbull 36  
2nd Susan Coltman & Ailsa S Mitchell (Hawick Golf Club) 34  
3rd Pat Batey & Pam Jack (Bellingham Golf Club) 33  
4th Mary Gibson & Jillian Lough (Eyemouth Golf Club) 32  
5th Hazel Jeffrey & Morag Pool (Langholm Golf Club) 31  
6th Irene Faulconbridge & Shirley Hepburn (Canmore Golf Club) 29  
7th Lynne Fortune (Kilspindie Golf Club) & Di Shakspeare (Gifford Golf Club) 27  
8th Jane Dalgleish & Janice Stewart (Dunblane New Golf Club) 26 

Mixed Open
Sunday 15th September 2019, White Tees, Championship Course

Results Score  
1st Ailsa S Mitchell (Hawick Golf Club) & Simon Tweddle (Langholm Golf Club) 43  
2nd Caitlyn Gillie & Jack Mcdonald (Dunbar Golf Club) 38  
3rd Doug Christie & Lorna Christie (Blackwell Grange Golf Club) 37  
4th Nevil Cunningham & Pamela McGregor (Deer Park Golf Club & Country Club) 36  
5th David Harding & Diane Harding (Eden Golf Club) 34  
6th Eleanor Pearson & Johnnie Pearson (Kelso Golf Club) 33  
7th C Thom & George Thom (Minto Golf Club) 32  
8th Barry Nelson & Katie Nelson (Lauder Golf Club) 32  
9th John Turner & Zoe Turner (Eden Golf Club) 31  
10th Jacqui Loudon & Ian McLennan (Liberton Golf Club) 31  
11th Craig Mellon & Lynne Purdy (Saline Golf Club) 30  
12th Anne Allan & Ken Allan (Selkirk Golf Club) 29  
13th Janice Cambridge (Minto Golf Club) & Selwyn Cambridge (Innerleithen Golf Club) 29  
14th Pat Batey & John Richardson (Bellingham Golf Club) 29  
15th Carol Bouglas & T Bouglas (Hawick Golf Club) 28  
16th Doug J Lane & Brenda Morpeth (Bellingham Golf Club) 28  
17th Mandy Lunn (Hirsel Golf Club) & Duncan McKinlay (Berwick-upon-Tweed (Goswick) Golf Club) 28  
18th B Lunn & Karen McKinlay (Hirsel Golf Club) 28  
19th M Glendinning & Tam Glendinning (Minto Golf Club) 28  
20th Maggie MacArthur & Ian MacKinnon (Machrihanish Golf Club) 28  
21st Di Shakspeare & Michael Shakspeare (Gifford Golf Club) 28  
22nd Bill Walton (Selkirk Golf Club) & Fiona Walton (North Berwick Golf Club) 27  
23rd B M Powell & Jean Powell (Newbattle Golf Club) 27  
24th Graham Oram & Julie Oram (Peebles Golf Club) 25  
25th Alistair Batchen & Elaine Robson (Blairgowrie Golf Club) 24  
26th David White & Diane White 24  
27th J E Dickson & G R Diment C (Bellingham Golf Club) 22  
28th Janet Davies & Keith Davies (Bellingham Golf Club) 22  

Seniors Open
Wednesday 28th August 2019, White Tees, Championship Course

Results  CSS 71 (Visitors 73)
1st Duncan Charles(13) Glen Golf Club   38 (Overall Winner)
2nd David White(24)   38 (1st in 55-59)
3rd Ian Kerr(9) Murrayfield Golf Club   37 (1st in 60-64)
4th Matthew Whiteford(10) Lauder Golf Club   37 (1st in 65-69)
5th Graham H Philip(7) Galashiels Golf Club   36 (2nd in 55-59)
6th Brian Barnard(7) Galashiels Golf Club   35 (3rd in 55-59)
7th David Sceats(20)   35 (1st in 70-74)
8th John Roberson(20) Eden Golf Club   35 (2nd in 65-69)
9th Robert Muir(18)   35 (3rd in 65-69)
10th Jim W Drover(19) Melrose Golf Club   34 (1st in 75+)
11th Brian Scorer(22) Newbiggin Golf Club   34 (2nd in 60-64)
12th Iain Lothian(15) Duns Golf Club   34 (4th in 65-69)
13th David Taylor(16)   33 (3rd in 60-64)
14th George Sadler(21) Langholm Golf Club   33 (2nd in 75+)
15th Barrie Pettie(20)   33 (2nd in70-74)
16th Brian Porteous(6) Langholm Golf Club   33 (3rd in 70-74)
17th George MacKenzie(13)   33 (4th in 60-64)
18th Graham Clark(9) Duns Golf Club   32 (4th in 70-74)
19th Keith Bryan(18) Kilnwick Percy Golf Club   32
20th Malcolm Cashmore(28) Cottingham Golf Club   32 (3rd in 75+)
21st John Paterson(17)   32 (4th in 55-59)
22nd Alex McSorley(14)   32
23rd David Shiel(10) St Boswells Golf Club   32
24th John O Hardie(10) Galashiels Golf Club   32
25th Alan Spalding(13) Galashiels Golf Club   31
26th Grant Roden(9) Galashiels Golf Club   31
27th K G McCredie(10) Berwick-upon-Tweed (Goswick) Golf Club   31
28th Eric Longden(10) Lilliardsedge Golf Club   30 (4th in 75+)
29th Derek Clyne(13) Galashiels Golf Club   30
30th John Dean(12) Newbiggin Golf Club   30
31st Robert Smith(10) Matfen Hall Golf Club   30
32nd Dennis Little(20) Langholm Golf Club   30
33rd Ian Tate(18) Peebles Golf Club   30
34th J H Scott(14) Hawick Golf Club   30
35th Ivor Tripovic(28)   30
36th Ian Borthwick(14) Langholm Golf Club   30
37th Selwyn Cambridge(14) Innerleithen Golf Club   30
38th H Crawford(13) Haddington Golf Club   30
39th Colin Hogg(19)   30
40th Alistair Cook(21) Hawick Golf Club   29
41st Edward Brydon(9) Melrose Golf Club   29
42nd Alan Lugget(21) Duns Golf Club   29
43rd Gordon Harrison(18)   29
44th John Bell(6) Newbiggin Golf Club   29
45th John J Smith(19) Gifford Golf Club 29
46th John MacKenzie(10) 29
47th Duncan McKinlay(11) Berwick-upon-Tweed (Goswick) Golf Club 29
48th John Hood(23) 29
49th George Wilson(27) 29
50th Michael Davis(14) 29
51st Keith McDougall(14) 29
52nd William Morrison(18) Galashiels Golf Club 28
53rd David Third(17) 28
54th Raymond Scott(11) Galashiels Golf Club 28
55th Frank Armstrong(21) 28
56th Keith Turnbull(16) Hawick Golf Club 28
57th John Turner(21) Eden Golf Club 28
58th Peter Anderson(19) Liberton Golf Club 28
59th Peter Hudson(15) Eden Golf Club 28
60th Hugh A McKay(17) North Berwick Golf Club 28
61st Robert Falconer(13) Selkirk Golf Club 28
62nd Gordon Shiel(13) Galashiels Golf Club 27
63rd John Birchnall(16) Newbiggin Golf Club 27
64th Paul Ugolini(17) Duddingston Golf Club 27
65th Robert Reilly(17) St Boswells Golf Club 27
66th John Lightbody(16) 27
67th George Donnelly(11) 27
68th Grant Hogg(6) Melrose Golf Club 27
69th William Davis(23) 27
70th Jim Murray(21) Langholm Golf Club 27
71st Ron Cowan(14) 27
72nd W D Howden(10) Minto Golf Club 26
73rd Stewart Mabon(14) Minto Golf Club 26
74th Sandy Scott(12) Galashiels Golf Club 26
75th Sandy Batchelor(14) 26
76th Alan Morton(12) Newbiggin Golf Club 26
77th Callum Munro(12) Westhill Golf Club 26
78th Ian Ferguson(16) Newbiggin Golf Club 26
79th Georger Lillico(26) Newbiggin Golf Club 26
80th Sandy Bell(17) 26
81st David Carruthers(10) Galashiels Golf Club 26
82nd Rob Marriner(16) Magdalene Fields Golf Club 26
83rd D Gair(11) Newbiggin Golf Club 26
84th Kenneth Nicol(16) Galashiels Golf Club 26
85th Ian Casson(12) Galashiels Golf Club 26
86th Georg Klein(20) St Boswells Golf Club 26
87th George Easson(19) 26
88th Mike Bisland(21) 26
89th Brian Elliott(15) Newbiggin Golf Club 26
90th Ken Davey(19) Peebles Golf Club 25
91st George McNicoll(14) Glen Golf Club 25
92nd Mervyn Jones(17) Torwoodlee Golf Club 25
93rd Norman Stevens(18) 25
94th Ronald Horsburgh(8) Galashiels Golf Club 25
95th Graham Ford(18) Galashiels Golf Club 25
96th Eddie Brown(17) Torwoodlee Golf Club 24
97th Bob Serafini(12) Glen Golf Club 24
98th Sid.J. Huddart(22) Minto Golf Club 24
99th Steve Perry(16) 24
100th Thomas Harrower(14) Leven Thistle Golf Club 24
101st Alexander Swan(10) Newbiggin Golf Club 24
102nd Tommy Mulvee(16) Minto Golf Club 24
103rd D S Foster(10) Newbiggin Golf Club 24
104th Les Mitchell(28) Lauder Golf Club 24
105th William J Taylor(12) Galashiels Golf Club 24
106th Ron Matthews(14) Alnmouth Golf Club 23
107th M Millar(6) Hawick Golf Club 23
108th John M Berthinussen(15) Galashiels Golf Club 23
109th Des Thomson(13) Galashiels Golf Club 23
110th Ronald McIntosh(12) Glen Golf Club 23
111th Angus Scott(16) Minto Golf Club 23
112th Roderick Garnett-Frizelle(19) Newbiggin Golf Club 23
113th Billy Mackenzie(15) Minto Golf Club 23
114th David Grant(12) Haddington Golf Club 23
115th R McCartney(14) Hawick Golf Club 22
116th Alex McNicol(22) 22
117th Andrew D Bunyan(13) Galashiels Golf Club 22
118th Walter Forsyth(5) Peebles Golf Club 22
119th Peter Holloway(14) Newbiggin Golf Club 22
120th Bill Graham(10) 22
121st G Magee(13) Lilliardsedge Golf Club 22
122nd Sandy Ross(13) Glen Golf Club 21
123rd R Fletcher(10) Newbiggin Golf Club 21
124th Brian Taylor(21) Peebles Golf Club 21
125th Keith Miller(16) 21
126th T Duffell(11) Newbiggin Golf Club 21
127th Ian Gaston(20) Duns Golf Club 21
128th Brian Robson(20) Peebles Golf Club 20
129th William Murdie(17) Hawick Golf Club 20
130th Jeffrey Thomson(21) Liberton Golf Club 20
131st George Blythe(19) Duns Golf Club 20
132nd Dick Clark(17) Galashiels Golf Club 20
133rd C Morton(13) Newbiggin Golf Club 19
134th Alastair Jack(25) 19
135th William Baker(24) Newbiggin Golf Club 19
136th R Hunt(16) Newbiggin Golf Club 18
137th John Foster(18) Newbiggin Golf Club 18
138th Jim Tough(28) Lauder Golf Club 16
139th Paul Makarski(22) Newbiggin Golf Club 16
140th John Heatley(20) 13
141st Andrew Fulton(19) Lilliardsedge Golf Club 13
142nd Keith Ackerman(28) Lauder Golf Club 11

Gents Open
Saturday 1st June, White Tees, Championship Course

Results   Gross   Nett   Club

1st Colin Riddle(1)  Torwoodlee Golf Club 66
2nd Craig Mellon(3)  Saline Golf Club 67
3rd Simon McGurk(18) 69
4th Alistair Gillie(5) 70
5th S K Webb(5)  Hawick Golf Club 70
6th Barry Nelson(3) 71
7th Mike Bisland(23) 71
8th James Nelson(6) 71
9th Michael Willison(8) 71
10th Alan Arnot(11) 71
11th Ron Cowan(14) 71
12th Paul Fawcus(9)  Whickham Golf Club 72
13th David Rames(22) 72
14th Stuart Deeks(20) 73
15th J Lightbody(16)  Jedburgh Golf Club 73
16th Gary Galbraith(13)  Hawick Golf Club 73
17th Anthony Craggs(11) 73
18th David Whiteley(8) 74
19th Eric Longden(10)  Lilliardsedge Golf Club 74
20th James Paxton(25) 74
21st George MacKenzie(13) 74
22nd John Gordon Gray(10)  Heworth Golf Club (Durham) 74
23rd Gordon Harrison(18) 74
24th Iain Clark(2)  Selkirk Golf Club 75
25th James Pringle(10)  Bathgate Golf Club 75
26th Norman Stevens(16) 75
27th Davie Forster(15) 75
28th Fraser Brunton(17)  Hawick Golf Club 75
29th Alex Docherty(8)  Parklands Golf Club 75
30th Neil Crooks(7) 75
31st Alistair willison(10)  Hawick Golf Club 76
32nd Matthew Mackay(6) 76
33rd Ian Hogg(13) 77
34th E Lawrence(10)  Hawick Golf Club 77
35th Scott Noble(5)  Torwoodlee Golf Club 77
36th Gary Cross(20) 77
37th Robert Muir(19) 77
38th Eoghan Walby(5) 78
39th Grant Harris(14) 78
40th Roy Crichton(18)  Kings Acre Golf Club 78
41st George Wilson(27) 78
42nd Ian Mathewson(9)  Kelso Golf Club 78
43rd Jamie Dalgleish(13) 78
44th L J Cuthbert(7)  Newbattle Golf Club 79
45th Andrew Johnston(9)  Hawick Golf Club 79
46th Andrew Green(16)  St Boswells Golf Club 80
47th John Ritchie(18) 80
48th Marc Snell(15)  Whickham Golf Club 81
49th Shaun Laing(25) 82
50th Keith Turnbull(16)  Hawick Golf Club 82
51st Derek Turnbull(12) 82
52nd Clayton Collett(10)  Cardrona Golf Club 83
53rd Alastair Purves(15) 83
54th Brian Shaw(20)  Kingsknowe Golf Club 83
55th G Magee(14)  Lilliardsedge Golf Club 84
56th Robert Stark(10) 85
57th Mark Lyle(20) 85
58th Alastair Jack(25) 87
59th Raymond Snow(12)  St Boswells Golf Club 87
60th Keith Miller(15) 88
61st Alan Henderson(20) NR
62nd John Nelson(11)  Saline Golf Club NR
63rd John J Smith(19)  Gifford Golf Club NR
64th Dougie Bell(14)  Torwoodlee Golf Club NR
65th John Roberson(19)  Eden Golf Club NR
66th Brian Davidson(19) NR
67th Kevin Shields(11)  Hawick Golf Club NR
68th John Turner(22)  Eden Golf Club NR
69th Jim Hay(13) NR
70th Craig Ballantyne(10)  Binny Golf Club NR
71st Iain Burke(14) NR
72nd James Watters(13) NR
73rd Jack McColm(6)  Hawick Golf Club NR
74th John MacKenzie(11) WD

Completed open competitions:

1st June 2019 Gents Individual Open

Entry Fee: £12 (includes 2's sweep)

Format: Individual Strokeplay

Handicap Limit: 28

25th August 2019 Gents Open Greensomes

Entry Fee: £20 per pair

Format: Greensomes

Handicap Limit: 28

28th August 2019 Seniors Individual Open

Entry Fee: £12 (includes 2's sweep)

Format: Individual Stableford

Handicap Limit: 28

AGE GROUPS: 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+

1st September 2019 4 player team Open - £40 per team

Entry Fee: £40 per team (4)

Format: Tex Mex

Handicap Limit: 18 (men), 26 (ladies)

15th September 2019 Mixed Pairs Open

Entry Fee: £20 per couple

Format: Greensome Stableford

Handicap Limit: 28 (men), 36 (ladies)

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